antique marble fireplace

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A late 18th century antique fireplace of pleasing architectural form, in statuary, Old English and Dove Grey marbles. This mantel originally designed for Arthurstone house, Perthshire exhibits close similarities to an Adam brother’s example in the North Drawing Room of Dumfries House. Dumfries House, designed by the Adam brothers is one of the finest Palladian mansions in Scotland and is of particular importance due to the extensive Chippendale commission that furnishes its interiors.

The moulded Old English cornice shelf above a frieze centred by a statuary tablet inlaid with richly veined Old English, flanked by panels of Dove Grey, and ending with statuary end blocks with a finely carved, simplistic fluted detail. The jambs consist of fine statuary consoles, with a delicate carved rosette motif to the tops, on Dove Grey backgrounds. The whole mounted on Old English plinth blocks. Scottish, circa 1789

Height 57 1/8 in (145cm) width 71 in (180.3cm)
Internal height 46 in (116.8cm) width 43 1/2 in (110.5cm)
Footblock to footblock 65 1/4 in (165.7cm)
Depth 8 in (20.4cm)